Posted by: Beelarge | October 23, 2013

Being Large

Helloooo…..Remember me?

Got no excuse…’ve been on my mind a lot lately but always at the wrong time (when I’m driving or having lunch with friends or…the list goes on)

So much has happened this year! I’m not going to cover off the past but I’d like to share the present & the future 🙂

I’m now working for myself again. I was asked to help out with the social media for a great restaurant on Shelly Beach so I’ve been busy with my camera again, taking food, location and venue shots and I LOVE it!

Beelarge, Le Kiosk, Le Kiosk Restaurant, Shelly Beach, Manly Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia, Lunch

November special at Le Kiosk Restaurant photographed by BeeLarge

I’ve created their Instagram, Twitter & Google+ pages and now have their Facebook page back on track.  Likes are growing fast & they’re really pleased with the numbers to their special events too…..I love this sort of work.

Its a busy time of year for hospitality, with a hot summer starting early, everyone is out and about enjoying the beaches.  Melbourne Cup is just around the corner and then before you know it….It’s Christmas??

This is exactly where I want to be.  I used to look after the social media for a large organisation but with the tough economical climate the way it is, people were being made redundant in every department.  I’ve done a bit of soul searching (Fiji, Singapore & Bali) and now know exactly what I want to do.  I want to take photos, I want to engage with amazing people on social networks, I want to help grow other small businesses and I want to enjoy every single one of my days, so…..Watch this space!

beelarge, le kiosk, le kiosk restaurant, shelly beach, manly beach, northern beaches, sunset,

Another Fabulous Day

Have you recently made a big decision to do what you really want to do?  I’m not kidding myself, I know it won’t be easy – how has it been for you?  Let me know in the comments below.

Best of luck to everyone out there!

Big Bee Love….Bridget

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