Posted by: Beelarge | November 29, 2012

Excited about my next move

Manly Wharf Bar

I’ve not been on this blog roll for soo long (sorry) I’ve been hard at it with work and had even moved into Social Media with my employer which meant my personal social media sites were neglected whilst I was building followers and engagement for my work sites but… we all know, times are tough and people are being made redundant and by people, I mean me. So….I thought this might be a good time to record what happens next in my life. First things first – get the news of the redundancy, call the crew and head to the local.  Aren’t friends gorgeous!  “You won’t have any problems getting work Bridge, you are soo employable, chin up, stay positvie, let me buy you a drink” (they said).

The first week has been all about updating my records.  CV, LinkedIn, lock down Facebook, get tweeting from personal account etc etc.  I’ve found this step can take quite a while.  I’ve not been on a job interview since 2005 so my CV was looking quite outdated and old.

The weekend was spent with friends.  Dinners, dancing, beach, walks and talks – I’ve found I don’t even tell everyone.  If they ask about my job then I’ll update with news but work has never been a big part of my life with my friends.  I even have friends that said ‘tell my what you do because I’m in contact with all types of people, maybe I can help by introducing you to the right person.’

That was week one, this is a new week so it’s all about making appointments with my Career Transition Company to discuss my next move, identify my skills and to work on my CV so I’ll touch base with you next week to let you know how I go.

Have you recently been in this situation?  Have you got any tips for me?  I’ll love to hear about it 🙂



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