Posted by: Beelarge | August 9, 2009



My lovely friend Bex had the day off on Friday & mentioned she’d not been to Camden yet so the both of us jumped on the tube to spend a chilled out afternoon there. First impressions….heaps of police just outside the station, sniffer dogs & a couple of guys getting questioned and patted down so we got out of there & went for a wander.  The shops are fabulous, the fashion amazingly cheap, the vibe was relaxed & the food yummy.


Then we found the canals…so peacefull & relaxing.  We did have plans to walk to Regents Park BUT….we walked the wrong way & ended up in Kings Cross (hehe) best thing about making that little mistake is that we are going back next friday to walk the other way to Regents Park….yippee!



We came to Camden because it’s time for us to go back to Australia so we’re trying to see as much of London before we head back…where else should we go. It’s hard in a new city sometimes because you don’t know where is worth checking out…got any suggestions?  Somewhere we really MUST see before we leave this wonderful city…let me know.


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