Posted by: Beelarge | May 18, 2009

Nunhead Cemetery





I went to Nunhead Cemetery on Saturday, they were having an open day so I wanted to go to see what an ‘Open Day’ at a cemetery was all about.  It was so full of colour & life.  Goths, photographers, families, a choir & even an afternoon shower.  It was such a lovely place to go for a walk and take a few photos.  For some reason I kinda like walking around cemeteries – (previous post).  Nunhead is amazing!  So lush & green with some fabulous lookout spots too.  This is one place that I will come back to for sure – perhaps when there are less people there.

I know there are a few amazing cemeteries in London….where’s your favourite?  I’d love to know so I can wander around there too.

Until next time……Big Bee Love



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