Posted by: Beelarge | April 22, 2009

Eggcellent Birthday Lynsey


Happy Birthday Lynsey





There was the flat that needed to be done up in secret, there was the rain, there was lunch, then the older man that had fallen over & hit his head.  There was the ambulance & then we made it to Primrose Hill (in the rain).  There were then lots of peeps in eggcellent fancy dress (being easter friday and all) there were egg throwings + lots of chocolate eggs …..then we all went to the pub.  That was just the beginning of the day.  We then went back to The BaT Cave but on the way there was the priest & the tube journey.  There were then the dj’s, quite a bit of drinking, dancing & shenanigans.  There was the special birthday song with masks while on our knees, there was sooo much laughter, quite a bit more dancing & drinking.  All in all we all had heaps of fun at Lynseys eggcellent birthday party! ;o)


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