Posted by: Beelarge | January 14, 2009


Flying High

Flying High

I’ve been going on a few photowalks lately – in the last week I have been on 3!  Last week I headed to Old Brompton Cemetery and wrote about it here.  Then last Saturday I headed into Southbank with a few people that I’ve connected with on Twitter.  It was bitterly cold so our plans of starting at Southbank and heading east towards the Millennium Bridge, then crossing over and wandering west along the north bank were cut short but still the walk from Southbank to London bridge was well worth the effort.

In front of OXO

In front of OXO

We started with the skate park, capturing stunts, kids and grafitti then wandered into these guys jumping around (literally).  They were fabulous and didn’t mind setting up a jump/stunt for the camera.  Then we kept walking east along the path.  Because it was grey (did I also mention it was freezing) I was on the lookout for details, as opposed to landscape/scene shots.  I flicked my camera over to black & white and really started getting into it.  Looking out for shapes, repetition and contrasts I spent most of that walk photographing buildings (and along that path there are some beauties – if you like concrete).  I came back from Saturday frozen solid but really happy with my shots, so much so, that this morning when I woke to see fog I grabbed my camera and headed off to shoot Waterloo Road as a project for a Photography Group I’ve joined called The Way We See It. (thanks Jason) Every week they suggest a different part of London & you’re invited to visit and capture it in your own style.  This is my first assignment with them – and I really do look forward to exploring London through their weekly suggestions.

The Voice Factory

The Voice Factory

I started on Waterloo Bridge and walked to the end and passed everything from glimpses of the London Eye, Churches, school kids on an excursion and loads of old buildings (even a boarded up squat) before heading back into the wonderful building that is Waterloo Station.  What a blast!  It didn’t take long (a couple of hours from home to shoot and back again).  I’ve got my shots and again – I’m happy with them & although I’d been to Waterloo before I had not walked down that road with my photo eyes in.

Foggy London Eye

Foggy London Eye

I’ve had a great start to the year – picked up my camera a few times already and been out exploring different areas of London and absolutly love it.  I really hope I keep this up all year – will definaltly try.  Have you started your year with a bang or are you still waiting for some inspiration.  Do you have plans to do something but haven’t started yet – or have you?  I’d love to hear your story.

Until next time

Big Bee Love



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