Posted by: Beelarge | December 31, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Lovely crisp day - overlooking Hyde Park

Lovely crisp day - overlooking Hyde Park

Have you been yet?  It’s just in Hyde Park and only on till the 4th January.  I went with a friend on Sunday and we had a magical day.  There was the Ghost ride, the hall of mirrors, the ferris wheel, an ice-rink, craft stalls and heaps of mulled wine.

For whatever reason it was a great excuse to act like kids again and really enjoy the show.  Lots of screaming on the ghost train (mainly from Tim).  Getting lost in the hall of mirrors (poor Tim) but how come whenever there was an air blower thingy it would always be when I was walking over it? (in my short skirt) happened 3 times!

We spent a bit of time at Winter Wonderland then wandered off to the Serpentine Gallery for a look because I hadn’t been there yet….  Indian Highway at the Serpentine Gallery is the inauguration of an exhibition that will continually grow and develop as it tours internationally to different institutions for the next four years. After London, it will be presented at Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, from 4 April to 21 June 2009, where it will change and expand with the addition of new works as well as a section curated by Bose Krishnamachari.

Time for more mulled wine

Time for more mulled wine

Then it was time to head back to Wonderland – it was getting quite cold so more mulled wine was needed to warm us up.  It was really started to get busy now too – it seems everyone was out for a laugh.

Now, it’s in my nature to talk to strangers so I did meet quite a few people out there on Sunday & it was only going to get better, because we were off to find a warm pub & that’s where we met Edwin :).  Such a lovely man.  The first thing he said was ‘you’re wearing my hat young lady’ and for that he bought me what he was drinking, a Jameson’s Whisky – neat.  I think he’d been sitting on his bar stool for quite a while because he even admitted to being quite inebriated.  He’d been to his sons wedding the day before, he was 63 and told us all about his lovely daughter (my age) and his wife and the rest of his kids.  Then it was time for him to get home so I offered to walk him – of course he let me.

One a week

One a week

Now, I know London is massive and it seems everyone is busy rushing somewhere but sometimes, if you just slow down a little and take the time to say hello to a stranger, you might just meet a jem or two.

One a week – my shot of a stranger also comes from our Wonderland day.  I just saw this guy and knew it was going to be him.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas this year and I hope all of your dreams come true in 2009.

Big Bee Love




  1. I feel I should put it on record that actually Bridge screamed far more than me on the ghost train. However, I have to admit the hall of mirrors was a little tricky to escape from and I would, in all probability, still be in there now if Bridge hadn’t come back in to help me out – thank you! x

  2. yes I was screaming louder (but that’s only because Tim was frozen with fear) ;o) xx

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