Posted by: Beelarge | December 17, 2008

The Revolution Continues

Communication 2006 + Chines Portrit P Series 2006

Communication 2006 + Chinese Portrait P Series 2006

Have you been to the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square yet?  OMG its a fabulous space.  Walker Morris (a law firm based in Leeds) is sponsoring this exhibition of 24 of China’s leading artists.

Communication 2006 – an ongoing piece, begun in 19996.  Engaging with the world at large with his tongue – one of the most intimate and sensitive parts of the body.  Cang Xin is a bona fide shamen;  holds the profound belief that all things have spirit – both animate and inanimate objects.  Behind Communication 2006 is Chinese Portrait P by Feng Zhengjie, reminiscent of Warhol’s screen printed celebrities, Feng’s paintings reflect a vision of futuristic pop.

Old Persons Home 2007

Old Persons Home 2007

13 life size sculptures in 13 dynamoelectric wheel chairs.  These familiar looking and very life like world leaders are left to battle it out in true geriatric style.  They are toothless, decrepit, crippled and placed in electric wheelchairs and left to battle it out amongst themselves.  You are welcome to join them in Gallery 13 and walk amongst them (don’t worry they are moving at a snails pace)  My friend was a little freaked by the whole ordeal but I had my camera and just loved watching them ram into each other.

Untitled 2005

Untitled 2005

When you see this up close it has a remarkable effect…… lots & lots of laughter.  It says “Immediately humorous and sympathetic, Yue’s paintings offer a light-hearted approach to philosophical inquiry and contemplation of existence.  Drawing connotations to the disparate images of the Laughing Buddha and the inane gap-toothed grin of Alfred E. Newman, Yue’s self-portraits have been described by theorist Li Xianting as “a self-ironic response to the spiritual vacuum and folly of modern-day China””

I loved the gallery – it provoked thought, discussion and laughter.  There was everything from Liu’s sculpture ‘Indigestion 11’  – a monumental poo, Zhang Huan’s Seeds 2007,  a scene of collective farming BUT it’s constructed from incense ash in a process similar to sand paintings made by Buddhist monks.

The Saatchi Gallery has Free admission to all shows – including temporary, curated exhibitions so grab a friend and have a wander around for a while.  Upstairs they even have a dedicated space for Saatchi Online artists to exhibit and sell their works.

Where have you been lately?  Seen anything wild, or just a little bit out there?  I’d love to hear about it if you have.

Wishing you and your family the very best for Christmas and the New Year

Big Bee Love xx



  1. For some reason I hadn’t read your blog for a few weeks – bad me. But I’ve caught up now and I am now planning a trip to the Saatchi Gallery between Christmas and New Year. Hope I enjoy it as much as you. See you tomorrow? xxx

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