Posted by: Beelarge | December 11, 2008

I see the light

Let there be light

There IS light at the end of the tunnel

Thank you everyone!  I have not been keeping my blog up because …… I have been busy with photography work – Yippee!  Oh I do LOVE my job and everything that goes with it.  Picking up my camera, getting those magical images, meeting lots of lovely people and I even like editing all the images down to the final count.  I love it all.

Thanksgiving in The Crypt had 120 people for a sit down lunch in one of the nicest venues I’ve worked in ….. and the history – just look who else has feasted here :

The sense of history lies heavy in the Crypt of St Etheldreda’s.  Its foundations date back to the 6th Century; its rough stone walls eight foot thick in parts, and its heavy blackened beams to the 12th Century when Ely Palace was constructed above The Crypt by the bishops of Ely in Cambridgeshire as their London bishopric.

Ely Palace was not simply a seat of religious learning, it became over the centuries an important centre of commerce for the emerging City of London – the bishops were active in the wool trade with Flanders, a centre of politics – the Ely bishops all sat in Parliament – and a centre of London social life.

In 1531 Henry V111 and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, hosted a Grand Celebration in the Crypt of Ely Palace which lasted for five full days and nights.  They feasted on swans, stuffed with larks stuffed with sparrows.

Hoorah ..... What a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch

Hoorah ..... What a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch

I’m so glad I’m in London, even though it gets tough sometimes and I miss my family and friends.  I’m so very glad to be here, doing what I’m doing, meeting new friends along the way and having so many wonderful new experiences.   What are you thankful for? I’d love to know.

Big Bee Love



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