Posted by: Beelarge | November 18, 2008

Hard at work.

It's becoming clearer

It's getting a little clearer with each day.

Thanks to everyone who emailed or called me about last weeks post “Should I stay or should I go?”

I have listened to everyone and have agreed to give it one last BLAST.  Ultimately I want to stay here but I need to find the funds to allow me to be here so I’m looking everywhere!

Do you need someone to help out at your work occasionally or part-time?  Do you know anyone that needs help around the office 1 day a week or 1 day a fortnight?

Why must we have 1 full time job that pays our bills and is meant to keep us happy?  Why can’t we have a few smaller jobs that pay the bills and keep going after our dreams?  That is my intention.  Fill up some of my working week with casual work to pay the bills while still pursuing my photography.

Hard at work!

Hard at work!

On Saturday I took some friends out to help them with their photography.  The idea was to teach them how to take pics without using the auto button on their cameras.  Now I’ve done this for friends before and find its easier for everyone if we just cover one thing per walk so this weekend was aperture.

It was a great day – everyone getting in close to subjects for shallow depth or standing back taking scenery shots.  We walked from Tower Bridge to the Cutty Sark.  I hadn’t done this walk before so was blown away to discover there was a (stinky) kiddies farm and lots of little statues along the path too.  Next one will not be until next year, but if you’re interested in coming along just let me know – and if you have any ideas on where the walk should be, I’m happy to hear them.

Sunday night I was lucky enough to go along to see La Clique at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square (thanks Julz).  What a FABULOUS show!  It’s a bit raunchy, a bit burlesque, a bit circus and all in a cabaret setting.  There was the contortionist, the stripper, the balancing boys, super Mario and OMG the HOT guy in the bath tub ….. Oh La La!  Just a little hint – it’s not the best venue to see the stage from so either get in early and sit right up the front (you may get a little wet from HOT guy in bath tub but really it’s worth it) or sit further back up the stairs because you don’t want to miss any of this show.

One a week

One a week

My one a week this week is from a job I was shooting.  I’m helping build a portfolio of work for a builder so asked one of the guys if they’d mind jumping into the shot – ‘Happy to help’ he said.

That’s my week.  Things a little better – I’ve picked up a couple of jobs but still need more.  Do you know anyone looking for some part-time help?  This is my last BLAST.  I really do want to stay so have to work something out financially.  New slogan …. Will Work Very Hard for Squids!

Big Bee Love



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