Posted by: Beelarge | November 12, 2008

Decisions …. Decisions

Not so clear anymore

Not so clear anymore

How do you know what to do?  Nearly 2 years ago it was so clear to me (but now it’s not that clear). I decided to follow my dreams to become a photographer.  I’d dabbled a bit in photography but really wanted to get out there and give it everything I had, so I sold/gave away absolutely everything (except my photo albums – thanks Joh for looking after them) and took off traveling for 7 months before settling in London (something else I’d wanted to do for quite a few years).

I’ve been living off savings/loans and money made from freelancing since then but it’s running out and as most of us know London is not a cheap place to live (although I can give you a few tips on surviving on a few quid.  So now what?

Today I posted on my facebook that Bridget is ‘looking for a real job – will work v.hard for ££’.  Today I also applied for a few jobs but I have been out of the rat race for nearly 2 years now so found myself applying at the bottom of the ladder.

My thinking : I work from home and do miss the company of others throughout the day – being able to talk (work) things over, bounce ideas and go away with great solutions.  I miss the routine (never thought I’d say that) but most of all I miss the money!  Now don’t get me wrong, I really don’t need much but I do need more than I’m currently earning.

I have given myself 1 month to make a decision – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Snowing on Regent Street

Snowing on Regent Street

I tricked a few people last week.  The Christmas lights were turned on in Regent street last Thursday night so off I went with my camera.  They closed Regent street so it turned into a pedestrian mall full of families all waiting for the lights to go on.  Outside Hamleys toys store they even had snow! ….. Well, it was actually soap suds but in the photo it looked real so when I posted it on fb and twitter people were commenting on the guys expression and how cold it must be in London.  If you’re in London, Bond St Christmas lights are being turned on 20th November at 6pm.

Postcards from the Edge.

Postcards from the Edge.

I participated in another Shoot Experience competition on Saturday, this time it was Shoot Brixton.  It’s sort of like a treasure hunt but with photos.  We got 9 clues to figure out the answers to but we had to give our answers as photos.  Last Saturday was not a pleasant day – sometimes the sun was out but most of the time it was pouring with rain but we still had a fabulous day AND we managed to pick up another winning photo (Go! Dancing Pink Bunnies – Fraser, Tim, Jo & Me) Our winner was for an open clue ‘Postcards from the edge’ which was our last photo of the day.

One a Week also comes from my Shoot Brixton day – this time it was a fixed clue : “No need to cross the Atlantic for a flying fish or loaf-shaped fruit”.  I asked this lovely lady if she’d mind putting on some angel wings and pretend she was flying over her lovely fish display.  Of course she was up for it!

Angel wings over fish

Angel wings over fish

Have you been a bit lost before?  How did you work out what was right for you?  Please leave me a comment I’d love to hear how you managed through it.

Big Bee Love xx



  1. Wow!… But we’ve not even met yet! (This weekend?) So – work, what do you do? What do you want to do?.. I decided “stay” five years ago, after living here for two.. It is an expensive city.

    Hope it all works out for you!

    Sime x

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