Posted by: Beelarge | October 30, 2008

Living on the surface.

Coffee at Roast - Borough Markets

Coffee at Roast - Borough Markets

So, do you live underground?  I normally do.  Last Saturday I went for a walk with a couple of girlfriends and what a walk it was!  We started off at Nottinghill then walked through Hyde park, into St James park, coming out at Westminster, then onto the Thames at Embankment.  From there we stayed on the Thames path and walked to Canary Wharf, then turned around and walked back to Borough markets for a coffee.  We were out for a bit of exercise so the whole walk took us only 3.5 hours.  I have to tell you it was great to get out and enjoy the sights of London, get the wind in your hair BUT it did hurt.  First my ankles were feeling it, then knees weren’t that happy but when it reached my hips … I really thought they were going to go on strike!  By the time we got to Borough markets I just plonked into my seat and wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get up out of it (I did if you’re wondering).

My point is – I have spent way too much time under this gorgeous city so vow to stay on the surface as often as I can, so now I catch the overland train.

Last Sunday was World Zombie Day – 50 countries were taking part to mark the 40th anniversary of the first zombie movie ‘The Night of the Living Dead’ as well as raising money for the capital’s largest homeless charity, St Mungo’s. The rain kept a lot of zombies away but the few hundred that turned up were amazing!  Chanting, brains, brains, brains we want brains.  To see them waiting for the walk signal and then cross the street together was hillarious.  So many had put soo much effort into their costumes and attitudes.  They met at Marble Arch, then groaned up Oxford Street until they hit Oxford Circus, they stumbled down Regent St to Piccadilly Circus then moaned accross to Leicester Square before finishing up Charing Cross station.  The rain nearly kept me away too but I’m sooo glad I went.

London Zombie Day 08

London Zombie Day 08

Have you been to Battersea Park lately?  I hadn’t been, so in keeping with my theme of living on the surface, I took myself there yesterday to take some pictures.  Soo lurvly and peaceful.  I Strolled around the sub tropical gardens, into the herb gardens, past the Peace Pagoda and all the way kicking up fallen autumn leaves. I was lucky, yesterday was one of those magical cold clear crisp days (perfect for photos).

Crisp clear autumn day in Battersea Park

Crisp clear autumn day in Battersea Park

That was my week – what was yours like?  Leave me a comment, let me know.  Happy Halloween everyone, maybe I might just see you out there with my camera ready to shoot.

Big Bee Love xx


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