Posted by: Beelarge | October 24, 2008

One a Week has started.

I did it….I really did it! It took me all week to do though.  I did have a few opportunities where I wanted to do it but….I chickened out.  Then, at the 11th hour I just asked him if I could take his picture and he said ‘sure, but if I’d known I was going to get my picture taken today I would have put my teeth in’.

My personal challenge – One a Week – has started and in the fist week I have a result.  I didn’t get his name but he was walking past when I was photographing a big move day for a client.  He stopped for a little look because cars we being towed off the street, a crane was being dropped off, there was heaps of action going on.

Have you seen the council come in a sweep a street clean of unwanted parked cars?  They had put up 1 sign, saying next 6 parking spots on the right of this sign are to be kept clear for 24hrs from 7am.  I got there at 8am and there were already 2 parking officers writing up tickets and by 8.30 there was a tow truck picking up cars off the street and taking them away.  It only took about 30 minutes to clear the street of 6 cars!

Taken away

Taken away

Last Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited to a function down on Battersea Barge – What a great venue that is!  It’s tucked away so it’s not the sort of venue you will stumble upon but its well worth seeking out.  Friday night was a private birthday for Brucey with lots of lovely people and the best music I’ve heard in a long time.  Great old (and new) funk/soul tunes mashed into a new raw feel.  Couldn’t help but dance with hands in the air and a massive smile on the face – well done Davey, Charlie, James and everyone else that put the night together – and watch this space for more gigs on Battersea Barge.

Hands in the Air

Hands in the Air

Great tunes Davey

Great tunes Davey

I also went and checked out Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005 down at the National Portrait Gallery at Trafalgar Square.  A lot of shots in there that we have all seen before eg Demi Moore very pregnant for Vanity Fair cover but also heaps of shots including family and friends – well worth a visit.  Open now until 1st Feb 2009.

So, what have you been up to?  What are you doing this weekend?  Leave a comment, let me know, maybe I’ll just be there with my camera ready to go (especially if you’re dressed as a Zombie and heading toward Marble Arch this Sunday)

Until then….Big Bee Love xx



  1. have you visited the photographers gallery in soho btw, i go pretty regularly (as in once every few months, when i’m passing). there’s often some great stuff there. only they’re closing and moving to new premises soon – and they promise to be bigger and better still –
    keep on clickin’ and dancin’

  2. oops, i thought you were going to say you asked him out! I’m really loving your photos my lovely, especially the Autumn ones – love the colours and subjects. Looks like you’re loving London.

  3. […] One a week – my shot of a stranger also comes from our Wonderland day.  I just saw this guy and knew it was going to be him. […]

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