Posted by: Beelarge | October 16, 2008

Up and running

Well it’s been a productive week taking pictures.  I said in my first post that I wanted to create this blog to get my photos ‘out there’.  I find myself looking for new opportunities, firstly to improve my photography and secondly for new images for this blog and I’ve come up with a personal project.

‘One a week’.  I feel very uncomfortable approaching people on the streets and asking to take their photo (unless I’m in another country on a trip…..What’s that about?)  So, to get over this I’m setting a little challenge for myself.  ‘One a week’ will be images of random people on the streets that I have approached and got permission to take their picture – starting next week!

Autumn Kids

Autumn Kids

If you have not been to Kew Gardens I suggest you go and now is a great time.  The leaves are turning, the days are still warm (when the sun is out) the kids are loving playing in the leaves and because it’s not the middle of summer, it’s not too busy.  I hadn’t been there before so was very excited in the lead up to last Saturday.  Luckily it was a perfect autumn day full of sunshine, blue skies and so many wonderful photo opportunities.  I explored Palm House – a humid tropical rainforest, the Rhizotron & Xstrata treetop walkway – 18 metres high for wonderful views over Kew.  I wandered into the Grass Garden and Duke’s garden before stopping for lunch at the Orangery Restaurant.  It’s £13 entrance fee is well worth every cent!



I was lucky enough to photograph a gorgeous young family on Sunday.  Little Adelina was just loving the limelight, a perfect little angel.  We started in their back yard with a few family shots then moved inside when it started getting a little cool.  All in all I was there for a little over 1 hour and have provided them with lots of lovely shots to choose from.  I love this work.  It’s relaxed, friendly and as for the subject matter – adorable.  Thanks Kate & Heath and special thanks to Marie for the recommendation.

So, what are you up to this weekend – this weekend I’m going to see one of my favorite dj’s at a gig on the Thames (will post a pic next week).  Don’t forget there is Diwali on the square – be bathed by light, dance and music in Trafalgar Square’s celebration of Diwali : The festival of lights.

Don’t forget, if you have any suggestions for this blog or you have an event coming up, please feel free to leave a comment and I will investigate.

Big Bee Love  x



  1. ah, I’ve only ever been to Kew once, a few years ago, so you have inspired me to make a trip again soon – probably next weekend.
    Have a great weekend and seeya soon
    Bored Tim (from a hotel room near Disneyland Paris)

  2. Aahh Tim – then I have done my job – inspired you to see what I have seen. Thank you x

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