Posted by: Beelarge | October 7, 2008

Hello world!


I feel like a baby – a new born baby and this is the first time you can see me, or I can hear you for that matter.

I wanted to get my pictures up on the web so thought a blog might be just the tool needed to do that.  This is going to be a bit about me, a bit about London & the UK and a bit about ……. what ever else I think up later.

So….to start I wanted to review the Relaunch of Off The Beaten Track at Dex Club in Brixton.  The music is what we’ve come to expect – Bum Shakingly Fabulous but it’s the people that makes OTBT so great!  It’s like a huge house party held in a club.  Friends, and their friends and before long they’re your friends.  Well done Lloyd, Jimi & Matt for organising such a friendly club night.  If you’re after future dates you can email the guys on:

Now….my pick for this weekend in London.  I’m off to photograph Kew Gardens.  I haven’t been there yet so I’m really looking forward to the treetop walkway and hopefully, hopefully leaves are changing, reds, orange and yellows are coming out – hopefully. – Will post a pic in next weeks blog.

There…..first blog done.  Please, if you have any suggestions for this blog or you have an event coming up, please feel free to leave a comment and I will investigate.

Big Bee Love x



  1. Bee! Welcome to BlogLand… I use mine to share stuff, photos, thoughts, life – I try post daily, but this week has been a rough one! Should update today.

    Good to see you on here! Look forward to seeing more.


  2. Oh! And I think I may be crazy, I can’t find your rss button. S

  3. So is that actually you as a baby with the disco ball – it would seem apt if it was!

  4. Thanks for taking the time out to read it Sime.

  5. Tim – its not me as a baby BUT it was my prop used that I took along to the baby shoot. She loved it soo much I gave it to her.

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